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City street ID sought

Being debated by some weegie members of another forum - what street features between 2'19" and 2'26" of this YT video?

Sauchiehall St west of Char X or looking down Renfield St are the only possibilities I can think of, but not happy with either.


My initial reaction was Argyle St. at Finneston.....    

I'm pretty certain thats Sauchiehall Street, looking east. The building in the
middle distance is the one that sat on the 4-way junction of Sauchiehall St,
Buchanan St and Parliamentary Road. It looks like it had extra floors added
to it over the years, bottom right.

James H

Whippersnapper here, but is that Parliamentary Road in the centre? Are we looking towards Royston way?

Hi Strepadair, I think its  Sauchiehall st Renfield, Lumleys was at the corner above  Lauders, you can just see the sign on the left, high up, your looking toward West Nile st  
A check of an old street directory will pinpoint Lumleys
Good video, not so sure I have seen it before

Thanks for the replies, I've investigated them all but it's James and Norrie who have it. Sauchiehall St looking east, trams turning in and out of Renfield St. A wee photo lifted shamelessly from the Sauchiehall St page on confirms the buildings -

I've found on the Scottish Screen Archive the film the clip was taken from, The relevant part is 30-odd seconds long from  3'00" in and starts outside the La Scala cinema.

Compare the video still to this picture of the block that the Empire Theatre
used to occupy, and the one behind it. Defo Sauchiehall Street for me.

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