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Cold War Glasgow

A further detailed thread pending but for now, here are some recent pictures of Glasgow ROC post.


What are the green things Stu?

Access hatch and air vent to an ROC post... a kind of listening/early warning bunker

Superb  .. What the hell were they doing there ?

There was 1500 of these posts all over UK and Ireland during the Cold War

Plus meant to ask and sorry for my ignorance .. what is ROC  Never heard of it

Royal Observatory Corps

Much further detailed article coming soon, honestly

Look forward to that kind of stuff

Heres a link to where they all are in the UK, a lot of them dont exist now or a knackered so check its in order before you go visiting it.*.jpg

Theres a guy who used to be on HG called(Graeme) purplegrum, he owns one near cambuslang, its the gilbertfield one if you want to search the database. and has been restoring it. he does visits to it if you email him.

Saw one today in a field just off the M876

They were everywhere along with the early warning systems

`Torrance House' utilised a former Antiaircraft Operations Room near Torrance House in Calderglen Park, East Kilbride, the site being much more densely surrounded with trees when it was operational. This building, known until 1983 as Scottish Western Zone SRC was led by the Zone Commissioner (at one time believed to be the Lord Provost of Glasgow). It contained the usual operational posts of Fire, Police, Military, Health and had a BBC studio. In addition, the ROC serviced a Scientific group who supported the Zone team on radiological analysis. ROC teams plotted bursts from BB / FF teletype streams from 25 Group at Ayr and possibly from Dundee (Craigiebarns) and Oban and also provided Comms support.

from subrit

The building still stands and isnt too far away from the shopping centre. It was closed in 1996 when Strathclyde was split up

Stuball great that you have started this thread. I love all this stuff about the crazy notions about how the UK was supposedly going to 'fight' and 'survive' a nuclear war in  the cold war age.

I recall returning to Glasgow in the late 70s and going to a couple of the Royal Observor Corps meetings in as I quite fancied joining them. They were a freindly, wonderfully idiosyncratic, bunch of folks dressed in RAF type uniforms for the meetings; uttely convinced and dedicated to helping ensure their country fought and survived the nuclear war - oh and they were completly barking

To my lshame, I was put off joining by the fact that so many of them were so old to my younger eyes. Shame, because as I was to later learn, these are the very people who hold so much of the evidence and memories that we should be carrying over into the different generations.

Fascinating, has anyone here been in there ?  
Would it have actually survived a nuclear war ?

To the best of my knowledge, nobody has been in the Glasgow ROC post as it is owned privately by a couple and very well locked.
In the event of nuclear strike in Glasgow, I dare say it would survive the initial blast as it is quite far out of the city centre. But as for the fall out and the aftermath, I'm not so sure. There was equipment for measuring the fallout and the blast radius. They were group in 3s to triangulate the position and fallout path

If you ever been to visit the secret bunker in St. Andrews, When you walk down the tunnel into the bunker itself. Next to the blast door, just befor you enter, There is an ROC post. They where not allowed to enter the bunker at all, even in the event of war. Imagine how you would feel, those two big doors slamming and leaving you there at the bottom of a 150 foot tunnel. Great eh!!

This is a link to a cold war AA battery near hamilton. they have now been converted to houses.  Not to be confused with the ww2 AAbattery in the conjioning field folks.

ROC Post Glasgow

Hi Stuball, If you want to see inside the post message me I am the owner. I will be in Glasgow for 3 days next week. I also own the ROC / UKWMO Caledonian Sector HQ  Bunker at Craigiebarns.

PM sent

looking FWD to seeing the results already....

Only got here 4 months late... Loving the info here, just to throw my 2 cents on the fire, didn't most of these old cold war bunkers/ROC's get sold to mushroom farmers becuase its dark and the perfect place to grow them??

I think thats a bit of a myth. They arent very big for a start

Perhaps not the ROC's, but maybe the actually fallout bunkers that were dotted about?? Or do they not exsist and I've just been sold a totally fantasy?

Hmmm..... fantasy I think. The only fallout bunkers were the government and council war rooms which many were still used after the cold war. The Strathclyde one survived until 1996 and is an empty shell in East Kilbride. The dundee one is under private ownership and unlikely a mushroom farm and the Edinburgh one is burnt out

Yeah it seems a bit of a fantasy now I think about it, there are surely cheaper dark rooms to grow their mushrooms in, thank you for that very informative, just while we're on the subject since being privatly owned it appears the Dundee one has become haunted...  haha

Livingston one was resurrected for a time as a nightclub then as a storage unit and then demolished.
Was in it a few times though long before i was camera oriented...

When I worked in Pollok Fire station during the 70s we were connected to the early warning system.Used to have to test it at the start of every shift.We also had a siren on the top of the station roof.Rumour was that if it ever went off we had to head for the Campsies until it was safe to come back into Glasgow.

pablo wrote:
Rumour was that if it ever went off we had to head for the Campsies until it was safe to come back into Glasgow.

You'd have got a nice view of the ensuing conflagration if it occurred and perhaps singed eyebrows.
Electric Monk

Oh, I always wondered what those green things were, I assumed it was just some sort of underground tank - I used to rent a flat in the Luma Tower across the road and could see them from the living room window

In case anyone's interested, I once went on a trip to visit Cultybraggan prisoner of war camp with Flickr people (was great fun). I think it might be relevant because it included a much more modern nuclear bunker designed to withstand a non-direct hit. I took some photos (mostly of the inside. They look boring from the outside):

Loving the dalek in the furry bunnet.  

Pardon my ignorance here, but no-one has mentioned the 'alleged' fallout shelter underneath the Burrell Collection in Pollok Park. It was the talk of Shawlands Academy at the time it was being built, but I can't find any reference to it here, and it is not leaping out of any Google search I do on it.

The next time you visit the Burrell, there is a ramp to the left-hand-side of the main entrance. That, allegedly, is it. It was supposed to be for any luminaries who happened to find themselves in Glasgow when the sh!t hit the f!n. I can't believe no-one else heard the rumour back in 1982-3? We had a major political party advocating unilateral nuclear disarmament back then and everything. Longest suicide note in history? Ring any bells?

I know someone that preaches the same rumour as you and probably went to the same school as you. But I think it's just the usual childrens far fetched stories. The Glasgow 'War Room' was in East Kilbride and I don't know of any further bunkers as such. The ramp at the back of the burrel is most likely a service entrance and the part under ground level probably houses the extensive fire suppression system and some storage for the valuable art work.

(Of course, I could be proved wrong but before anyone starts claiming it really is bunker, you MUST provide solid PROOF    )

Been in the underground part of the Burrell during my time in the Fire Service and I can confirm what Stuball says.Only about a 1/5th of the exibits are displayed at any onetime and the other 4/5ths are stored in atmospheric controlled storerooms with a lot of fire protection measures.

Anti-aircraft Operations Room

Hey guys,
I stumbled over this thread by accident. I thought you may be interested to know that I have been inside the Antiaircraft Operations Room in Calderglen, although it was a while ago. About 15 years ago I did a work placement with the ranger service based in the park and they used the bunker for various things, although mainly storage. It is alot bigger inside than it looks and has lots of hidden nooks and crannies, I was totally fascinated by it. They also had a small veterinary surgery inside for the animals of Calderglen. Although it was fascinating inside it was also empty and soul-less, bare walls, empty corridors and heavy doors. Would it have stood a direct hit, doubt it, would it have withstood nuclear fallout, probably as it does have thick heavy walls and doors, who knows though.
Anyway, just thought i'd share. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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