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Conic Hill - Balmaha

Doog Doog

2nd pic is a smasher.

Thanks Doog.

every picture tells a story right enough.magic,
Mahdi West

Smashing photos, Lowlight. I like the one looking right down the boundary fault to the loch.   Any time I've been up there all Ive seen is mist, rain and clouds  

wow that brings back memories.  About 15 years ago I took my nephews up conic hill, we got ten feet from the top to be confronted by a ram which refused to surrender the top of the hill.  

I have never yet made it to the top of that hill

haha belter. Thanks again people.

hey Lowlight you didnt tell me there were wild animals up there..  

Excellent lowlife.
The wee fella would love ben an and duncryne hill (the dumpling) 2 easy hills with great views.  


Stunning photos and views!  I have never been up there, must go sometime!

I hope you don't mind me posting a couple of photos of the Loch Lomond area shortly after take-off from Glasgow!  I hope they add to subject by giving a slightly different perspective

May 2000 at about 9pm.  The flight was approx 40 mins late.  If it had been on time, the photos might have had more detail!

1st one.  Loch Lomond in the distance, Jaws reservoir and (I think) Barncrooks reservoir in the foreground.

2nd one.  Taken maybe 1/2 minute later.   I think that is your hill in the middle

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