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Courtesy !!!

Perhaps it is just me but i am finding some of my stuff posted to sites i am not a member of and other members photo's too.
Whilst this is not a real concern those involved should at the very least credit the person they borrowed the images from.

Asking would be a bit better but at least credit the original poster and perhaps the forum it was lifted from.

It's just common courtesy  

Name and shame.... where? what forums? what pictures?

any of mine?

In total agreement with you cybers

as a new poster to the forum I gave it a lot of thought before dumping a watermark slap-bang in the middle of my images.

I doubt if it will stop people doing what you describe but at least there's the satisfaction of being sure it's your image popping up in an unexpected location.

taking a positive approach, its a wee bit like putting a message in a bottle and chucking it into the sea - you never know where it will come ashore . . .

( that was a bit deep for 7.01am . . . )

Not going to name and shame at this moment Stu but its in the post...

Contacted a couple of sites to get stuff removed so those who are doing it are going to feel a little bit stupid.
I have no problems with use of anything i post as long as i am asked...
Unless it is relating to Here

Feel free to copy it for your own personal use but that does not include posting it elsewhere unless in promotion of UrbanGlasgow.

Totally agree with you cybers.

If i was going to do this i would ask the photographer 1st and also credit them and the site where i posted it.

As you say it is only courtesy......

Totally agree with you guys.Some of the photography as i have said on a number of occassions is totally superb and lots of the posts very informative.If folk are using it elsewhere than you more than deserve the credit.
Hope this behaviour won't put anyone off posting.

Have the blighters been give a rocket via PM yet? Forum Index -> Other Photography
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