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Cracking wee slideshow from 1974

Fantastic set of photies
Glasgow Loon

What a wonderful find.


wow, crackers fastnet.... great find... was that Camlachie swings.. am away to watch it again..
Alex Glass

Brilliant and great to see lots of different places across the city and not just one area.

there are photos there which couldn't be taken today which makes it all the more worthwhile to see.

Top Find...Great Vid...

Brilliant find - its the Glasgow I learned my 'trade' in.

Hi fastnet, well found, stunning photos of a Glasgow that is no more, a few Gorbals shots that are new to me
This photographer has his photos in the Glasgow Room of the Mitchell, the one taken at Anderston bus depot, blind man and his guide dog, is the father of a friend of mine
Looking at this slide show, makes me want to point my camera at anything, dont think to myself,say no shot here, take the bloming shot and then decide

The shots of the school kids are brilliant, alas thats a no no now

Thank goodness for guys like Hugh Hood and our own Strepadair

These certainly are wonderful photos, so evocative of a time that's gone forever.
Vinny the Mackem

One of the photos, at 4.23, shows (I think) the bridge to nowhere.  I don't think it's the bridge from where Anderston station is - it's looks too far up North Street (The Buttery is in the background). It looks in use.  I thought it had never been in use.  Have I been misleading myself for years?!
Vinny the Mackem

Another question - at 3.23, there's a a row of the old gas lights on the fencing which looks lit.  Would these still have been gas in 1974, or converted to electricity?  Looks like Woodside Place, incidentally.

a great collection .

agreed ,a great wee show there but not all of it was glasgow. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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