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Crane disaster in Bridgeton 1970

Ive been talking about this disaster for ages but no one seemed to know much at all about it.... I lived in Fordneuk st at the time and was doing a hand washing at the sink, there was work going on over in Broad st building a Home for men.... next thing the most unearthly crash, the whole house shook... from the window I couldnt see much as it was blocked by a building but could hear the work being done..... I ran up the stairs of the close to the second then third landing and looked down... saw what looked like a few bodies being covered with canvas sheets and  concrete scattered all over.....a friend from Parkhead History, looked this up for me and after all these years I now have the proof of the disaster it happened on the 10th Aug.. 1970. two men killed and some injured...reported at the time in the Evening Times.
Vinny the Mackem

Couldn't link directly to the page, but it's on page 11 of this edition of the Herald. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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