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Fast Eddie

Crawford Proiry

iiisecondcreep and I went to Crawford Priory yesterday for an explore.

It is actually an abandoned stately home (built 1809 iirc and abandoned 1970's).

From the look of it it would have been lovely inside.

Keep Out by Ed Swift, on Flickr

Tap by Ed Swift, on Flickr

Crawford Priory by Ed Swift, on Flickr

Staircase by Ed Swift, on Flickr

wall tiles

Excellent urbex gentlemen
Fast Eddie

Thanks, it was a nice day out but sadly the other side of the building is occupied (not expected from the pictures i know), as is part of the better condition stable block a short distance away.

I think it is bound for another visit as there is apparently a mausoleum as well.

Be careful you don't bump into the unfriendly local farmers now
Fast Eddie

Yeah about a minute after we got back to the car, 2 vehicles turned up the road we'd walked down. Not, from what the signs indicated a private road, but said "private access no through road" so we might have had to say we were just out for a stroll or something!

Here's another photo.

Sundial by Ed Swift, on Flickr Forum Index -> Scotland, UK and the World
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