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Cruise from Corfu to eastern Adriatic

Hi folk, Claire and were on  cruise from Corfu to ports of call in the Eastern Adriatic, just got back 12th July
We were on Thomsons Majesty, been on this ship before and enjoyed it

The ports of call were, Koper Slovenia, Venice, Sibenik Croatia, Dubrovnik Croatia and Kotor Montenegro, we enjoyed all the ports of call

I will post the photos  one set at a time

Koper, a medievil town where old and new go hand in hand, cheap too

Town Square

Off exploring









Wee pose from Claire

Looking to Koper



Koper from the ship


Koper Harbour

Thats all from Koper, more to follow, another day


brilliant Norrie..... I want a holiday now...

Hi Fastnet, sorry you need to keep working so I can go on holiday

Lovely set Norrie, hope you enjoyed your break.  

Makes me think 20 years is a long time before i can enjoy one of these SAGA tours ....      

Looks like you and the missus had a great time   Bet you had to forge her passport so a young fing like her qualified  

(I think i got away with that ...)

Hi Cybers, Saga is for old folk

SAGA = Sex And Games for the Aged. ('')


Hi Clarkfield, thats why we dont do Saga

cybers wrote:
Makes me think 20 years is a long time before i can enjoy one of these SAGA tours

Aye fecking right.............      

The next lot of photos are of Venice, we walked in from the ship took us 55 minutes, a dawdle, ship info says one and a half hours
We seen places where folk live and some tourists may not see
From the railway station cross the canal and look for the signs on the buildings, San Marco, Rialto, easy peasy
It was early morning so it was quiet

We were also following this group of Italians who I felt were going our way, they were



We have reached the Rialto Bridge


Taken from The Rialto Bridge

St Marks Square before the crowds arrived


The Basilica St Marks Sq

St Marks Sq

Basilica and Doges Palace

Doges Palace

Doges Palace and the walkway along The Grand Canal


Looking to St Marks Sq

Bridge of Sighs

Loads of canals in Venice, you could get lost


Via Garibaldi, not many tourist here, mostly locals, nice and peaceful

Floating fruit shop

Now the Gondalas are getting busy


I spotted this church steeple in August while we were sailing down the Grand Canal, thought it was leaning to one side, it does lean


Heading back to St Marks Sq, where did all the folk come from, it was heaving

Rialto Bridge

More narrow sts


Thats all from Venice, every time we go there, we see a litttle bit more, there is more to Venice than St Marks Sq

I liked this shot

Barrows rule in Venice


Our next port of call was Sibinek, Croatia
At first sight there didn't seen that much to it but on exploring, we found the older part of town with its narrow lanes, bars, restaurants and shops, we liked it

Plenty of bars along the sea front


Looking to Sibenik
We thought we would visist the castle, the one where the tower crane is, alas its under repair and was closed

Sibenik has a small shingle beach, we had no swim suits with us, so we gave it a miss

A better shot of the town

A boat owner with a sense of humour


The narrow streets of the old town


More streets

Stumbled onto this wee gem of a church

This looked a really fine church, pity about the seats around it


Strange place for a door, no steps up to it

Another hidden gem


Thats all from Sibenik, we did enjoy it and it was hot
More to follow

Looking to Sibenik from the ship


Our next port of call was Dubrovnik, I was told we would not be dissapointed when we visited it
What a place, we were well impressed, narrow steep streets, in place's and flat in other parts, surrounded by a wall that you can walk on, we said we would do that some other time and explore the old city

The harbour area where we docked

Our first glimpse of the old town, we walked from the ship, no bother, 50 minutes, ship said about 90 minutes

Some of the old town is flat


One of the several steep narrow street's that go to the top of the old town

Loads of Churches


Old town harbour area


Cats doing what they do best

Outside the city walls and old town harbour area


This dog was desparate to get into the water, as soon as its owner went in the dog did

Back inside the old town


More of the old town

You can see folk on the city walls in this shot

When you climb up the narrow stairs, every so often it crosses another narow lane thats loaded with shops bars etc


And still the stairs rise

Looking down to the level streets

Spotted this poster, wonder whats going on:D

Not any shops here, its where folk live, bit hard if your not able

Thats all from Dubrovnik,  its well worth a visit, even if you dont do stairs

At last we are at the top of the old town, city walls to the right

Best shot I could get of the rooftops, the city walls will give better shots

Outside the old town and heading back to the ship

Doog Doog

   Cracking pics,Norrie!

Our last port of call was Kotor in Montenegro, a medieval walled city with world heritage status
Its set on Southern Europes deepest fjord

Main square in the old walled city


Lost count of the churches that are in this walled town

Narrow streets are the norm

At the top of the stairs is a very small church


Old well

Might be an old town but they still have sattelite TV


More narrow streets

This cat didn't stop what it was doing while I took this shot

The hills above the town have another old church and a castle, too rough a path and too high for us, as we had the wrong shoes on


The washing you see it very large, would like to see who wore the clothes

Even narrower streets

Another small square


We are on the city walls

They look after the trees in this town


City walls

The church and castle are on this hill

Kotor has a shingle beach

The old town from our ship


The newer parts of Kotor and the fjord

We are leaving Kotor


Looking back to Kotor

We pass under the mountains on either side, before we get out to The Adriatic

Another town on the fjord


Need a boat to get to church on this island

A ferry port


Well thats all from the ports of call on the cruise, more to follow from Corfu

We liked all the ports of call, Kotor was the one that at first glance I thought, not much here, well I was wrong, its well worth exploring

We were based in Sidari and visted Kassiopi and San Stefanos
Here are the photos from Kassiopi
Nice place, beaches are shingle, clear water but depending where you based in the town they are a 10 /20 minute walk

Remains of a Byzantine Castle


The harbour from the castle

The path to the castle

The main st in Kassiopi

Looking to the castle from the harbour


Kassiopi harbour


Kassiopi harbour

One of several shingle beaches

This is the one we used

Some folk prefer the rocks closer to the town


The main st Kassiopi

Hot here, waiting on the bus back Forum Index -> Scotland, UK and the World
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