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Vinny the Mackem

Custom House Quay

Walked past Custom House Quay early this afternoon.  Looks like it's had some sort of masonry fall - police tape blowing in the wind, but still there.  Anyone else heard anything?  I walk past there relatively regularly but hadn't noticed this last time I passed by.


I passed it yesterday and didn't see much.

Apparently there are plans for the area:

I'm not sure when exactly a fire happened, but if you look up at the building's top floor from the Clyde end of Dixon Street you can see up through a top floor window and through the roof. There's clearly been a fire in the top floor and charred joists, rafters can be seen and the sky leaking through (see attached pic). Also some of the materials currently littering the ground on Dixon Street are charred timbers. Currently Central Demolition are on site, I assume they are just clearing the top floor of debris......

It all bodes ill for the building as it is in a very poor state with very eroded sandstone elevations.

Regarding any plans for the site, these are largely out of date or purely speculative without funding in place, the advertised schemes have all I believe stalled -  the ole recession means few are investing in such projects at the moment and currently what money there is is all being drawn to the Buchanan Quarter area as that's where the commercial sector see as the 'place to be' just now.


What a shame if this fine building is demolished, surely its worth saving

who knows what's going on, I assume they aint gonna swing the wrecking ball. Info is thin on the ground though, can't find mention of either a fire or anything regarding what the demo company are up to.... like I say it could just be clearing up the mess of the fire.
Vinny the Mackem

I passed it today about lunchtime and noticed the proper fencing up around the building.  I was on the south side of Clyde Street and didn't notice the debris on Dixon Street.  I'll be along that way again tomorrow, I'll try to get a nosey at what's going on.  

I hadn't been on Dixon Street at all though when I took the photos last week, so didn't see the damage from that side.

Hope it can be saved. It would be a real shame to lose it.
Vinny the Mackem

It was a fire - how did we all miss this!?? Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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