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Dalmarnock primary school

Does any one know why they have have decided to demolish the old Dalmarnock primary school

Hi Scottboy, I was there Monday and today, never thought to ask the demolition men
The job is hoped to be completed by the weekend, when I am there again, I will ask whats going on but it would not surprise me if its a temporary car park , for the Games
The site at Moir street, London rd, Gallowgate is being turned into gardens and the old Welcome Inn  pub and shops will be demolished
Alex Glass


A wee question for you.

Why would you continue to think that a demolition squad would know anything the reasons for something to be demolished. They are contracted to carry out work and don't usually get to know why let alone what will be replacing the buidling they demolish.

Like 110 Queen Street which is know clearly a building site and not a demolition site. The demolition team there knew nothing about the building that was planed nore the timescale for work to commence.

Like London Road Primary School the old school at Dalmarnock has long been replaced. I know there were attempts to find a suitable use for London Road and attempts to sell it were made. Dalmarnock School has a new school along side it. Both were eyesores and the best thing to happen is to remove then and if it is for a temporary carpark for the Commonwealth Games I am sure many more people will be glad to see the back of it. The East End is still covered with old delapidated building that are no longer fit for any purpose let alone the one they were built for. If people want to see old buildings there are still may examples throughout the city for people to reminisce about a past that they look at through rose tinted glasses.

Glasgow has been very good at reinventing its self and it long overdue that the East End got its fair share of improvements but it does require to get rid of many more of the old delapidated buildings.

Sorry for the rant


Hi Alex, was that a rant
I ask questions  in case some of the guys know whats going on I have no idea what will be built

Yes the schools have lain empty for a long time and it would appear that there was no interest in them, so they have to go
Damn, I forgot to go and  take photos today
Geelo G

I was down last night and it was all but gone.

I was driving about looking for a post box and came across another old school,238.31,,0,-22.5 which will no doubt be flattened shortly as it looked in some state, albeit it was dark.

Did you get the post box ? its right in front of the high rise on Queen Mary Street.
Geelo G

cybers wrote:
Did you get the post box ? its right in front of the high rise on Queen Mary Street.

No, hahaha.

Need to post tonight now, thanks for reminding me... :) Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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