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Dancing School handbill, 1908-ish, Telephone Gorbals 233

My brother found years ago - inside a bricked-up cavity of a wall in a house he was helping demolish on Paisley Rd. - two copies of this quaint handbill.

I don't know if the building shown, at Cumberland St/Eglinton St. still exists.

Below are links to very large 7-8MB files of the same images.


Fantastic stuff.

I've found a couple of pictures of the same building now, 40 Cumberland St  taken in 1974 by streapadair.

It is shown in two pictures there and 'Thomson's Dance ... something' was still visible on the side wall of the building in the 1974 shots.
Doog Doog

An excellent find..
Vinny the Mackem

Wow, what a find!

The building in Strep's photo is well gone.

The lane just to the left of the building in the photo was Cumberland Lane, which also doesn't exist.

This is the closest I can get on Google Street view (sorry, I couldn't get the bloody thing to cross onto the eastbound lane to get a more accurate comparison!).  The entrance to the industrial units is just slightly east to Cumberland Lane, so that the westmost edge of the entrance now just about crosses what would have been the eastmost edge of Cumberland Lane.

And the good old NLS Maps for comparison.

On the old map, number 40 is immediately to the west of Cumberland Lane - you can actually see the steps on the map.

And finally, the Post Office Directory from 1911/12, where our aforesaid Mr Thomson is still listed as residing at no 40.

Phew, I need a cup of tea now!

*Apologies if you looked at the NLS map and it took you to Firhill - link should now take you to Cumberland Street!

Auld pamphlets like this are really fascinating.  I remember it was once a common thing, when people flitted to a new house, and were redecorating to their own taste, to come across old newspapers under the linoleum, or stowed away in some corner of the new home.  Even when I moved into my present house, back in 1978, we came across an auld copy of the Evening Citizen from the late 1950's in the attic.   The number of pages advertising jobs would be unbelievable to anyone at the present day - and the prices of everything.

there are newspapers under my flooring from 1949.i left them as they were for someone else to find in the future. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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