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Deal to restore sugar warehouse

Deal to restore sugar warehouse

The 120-year-old Sugar Warehouse in Greenock will be restored as part of a
3.7m deal between regeneration agency Riverside Inverclyde and Clydeport.

The Category A-listed building, known locally as the Sugar Sheds, is a relic
of the time when Greenock was a centre for sugar refining.

The warehouse will be part of a planned development at James Watt Dock.

The deal means Scotland's largest surviving cast iron and brick industrial
building will be restored.

The remedial work starts immediately and is being carried out in partnership
with Inverclyde Council and Historic Scotland.

Initial studies have established that the building's basic structure is physically
capable of conversion.

However, it was urgently recommended essential wind and watertight repairs
were carried out.

Historic Scotland principal inspector Ranald Macinnes said: "The Sugar
Warehouse is a marvel of 19th Century engineering and ambition.

"It is a reflection of, not only, the industrial past of Greenock but of Scotland.

"I look forward to this incredible building becoming a great example of
sustainability and of how our historic buildings can play a part in revitalising
communities while preserving their sense of place in a modern Scotland."

James H
xxx zos xxx

About time too. Poor place is in a state

Seems the rumours were true then ....
Luxury waterfront dwellings within a marina complex.

Now thats a conversion

Sweet dreams (Evening Times)

GREENOCK is to be transformed by a 180million waterfront makeover.

The move will create 2000 jobs, hundreds of luxury apartments and one
of the country's biggest marinas.

The historic James Watt Dock is at the centre of the giant regeneration
project which will also breathe new life into the town's Grade A listed
Sugar Warehouse.

The wraps were taken off the ambitious 10-year scheme yesterday when
Scottish Communities Minister Stewart Maxwell officially launched what
will be one of the biggest redevelopment projects undertaken by the
public and private sectors.

He said: "The redevelopment of the James Watt Dock will bring great
benefits, generating jobs and investment and creating homes and a range
of leisure and retail facilities.

"The Scottish Government is committed to helping households, businesses
and encouraging development. These are the key themes of our Economic
Recovery Plan and why we are investing 22m in the regeneration of

The maritime make over will also incorporate 700 luxury flats and 85
affordable new homes, as well as 45,000 sq ft of shop space and another
145,000 sq ft for commercial use.

It will take a decade to complete the transformation, but local people will
see a difference in a relatively short time.

The first phase will involve building a road into the dock, as well as
essential environmental works.

And the initial programme will be completed before Scotland welcomes
international crews due to tie up at the dock when the Tall Ships Race
visits Greenock in 2011.

The project is taking place on 50 acres of land belonging to Clydeport.

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