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Denny High School

I spent 6 yrs at this place, so thought I'd pop round and take some photos before they finish demolishing it

The 'Tower' on the right. Art dept was the top floors and RE the bottom. The ground floor was the prefects common room.
The main entrance was to the left of the tower, as you can see its already been demolished, as has most of the core area which also contained the refectory and next to that the main hall. Where the building on the left stops was the teachers staff room, that shutter door with 'no parking' on it went through to the quad area.

Remains of the main entrance, the building in the background I believe is the stage end of the main hall, going down to the PE dept and pool.

Maths dept upstairs, languages downstairs:

From the other side, behind the quad area, maths/languages building on the right, geography and history in the middle:

Golden Rule

Behind the Quad again, physics and biology on the left


Tech dept

Pool is in here

Inside the prefects common room


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