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Dicky Hart Asks a favour please.

Right folks. Sorry mods I didnt ask if i could do this.  delete if you think its not appropraitte.

Ive entered a wee competiion and I need your help.

There is a movie called "Outpost 2 - Black sun"  being filmed in Glasgow and Dumfries. Ive entered this comp to be a Nazi Zombie, if you have seen "outpost" you'll know what its all about. Its a great wee movie.

Anyway what i need you to do is go to my facebook picture here

and put a cheeky comment in, even sarcasm or nice whatever you prefer. the more unique the better.  So basically im giving you carte blanche to say what you like about me and get away with it.  hehehehe!!

if i win, i will take hunners of pics of the set in glasgow and post them for folk to see. (its govan town hall)  After the films release of course. and any props i get will be sold off to go to macmillan cancer.

Thanks in advance

Stevie (dicky)

Doog Doog

Alex Glass

happy to do it Stevie  

Good luck

thanks folks, let you know if i win.

thanks everyone who voted, i didnt win, some guy from essex did!! Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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