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Duke Street Crash

Poor taxi driver did not know what to say he was in bits...
Police were very accomodating on this one bunch of questions and then left me alone.

I had some for them too lol...
Stolen ?..... Still to be confirmed
Did they all run away ? Yes
Was the fire Intentional ? No Comment
Have you anyone in custurd-y ? No Comment
What is your view on what happened ?... No Comment
Anyone else injured ?... Not that we know of

They then replied with...
What paper are you with ? None it's for UG m8...
Cool I read that from time to time....
Well get signed up then officer....

Lone Groover

Photo journalist !  

WTF were you doing up at that time ??

Great pics.

Having a wee drive and a visit to an old friends in Turquoise for a wee chat and some of the excellent chicken pakora wrapped in a cheese sarbeni.
Apart from that i am a daysleeper  

Such a shame for the taxi driver... thats his profession. The punto doesnt look stolen... just stupid boy/girl racer no doubt thinking if they burn it and run away, they wont get caught. Doesnt anyone pay attention to these police car chase programs? Forum Index -> Other Photography
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