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I took these pictures last year when I was working on the roof of the hilltown multis in dundee. These may even be the last pictures ever taken from the roof. lol

Thought i would dig them out and share the view now that the blocks are gone.



Stunning!  Thanks for sharing them!


Great photo's Scorpion, i take it from your Greenock Pic's you work  on rooftops. I liked the one's of Dens & Tannadice parks, for me there is something about football parks' no matter how many times i've been in them
(and there is only a couple of the newer one's in the country left to visit) Even driving i still have to crane my neck to look at them, weird or what.

Jagz1876 wrote:
Great photo's Scorpion, i take it from your Greenock Pic's you work  on rooftops.

CCTV. All the roof cameras had to be removed from the Dundee flats before demolition.

Thanks for the comments

scorpion wonderful set mate      

A shithole of the lowest calibre... they should chisel it aff and set it adrift !!!

I could honestly just kill Photobucket if it were possible...  


great photos.

Dundee is a very under-rated city.

Tay Bridge South Signal Box by David C Laurie, on Flickr

A Dundonian at work:

Thieving Monkey
And a famous Dundonian:

Desperate Dan

Tay Bridge von D1gitAl Imagez

Towards Discovery von D1gitAl Imagez

These photos are from last April hence the reason the tower blocks in the second photo are still standing (the red ones at 1 o'clock)
Doog Doog


Victoria Dock by D1gitAl Imagez

Sunrise on the Tay by D1gitAl Imagez Forum Index -> Scotland, UK and the World
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