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Graeme Laird

East Hurlet

I was interested to read that East Hurlet House was ravaged by fire in 2006.  I was brought up in this house from 1946 to 1967.  My father sold it in 1969 when my parents moved to the Solway. I recall an article being written on the house which was supposedly the Dower House for the Pollock Estate.  It had been redesigned by Robert Adam in 1768 - there was a downpipe with that date on it.  The house had several Adam fireplaces as well as an Adam arch in the drawing room.  I have a photo of the house which I will try to locate.  The rebuilt house is similar but not the same.
Alex Glass

Hi Graeme

Welcome to Urban Glasgow.

Hopefully you will be able to post up your photo. I would really like to see it.

I wonder if the old drain pipe is still in use at the house?
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