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East Kilbride Pictures

Hi Everyone

Still relatively new here, so take it easy :)

I am gathering up some collections of old pictures of East Kilbride for a new site, part of which will feature photography, of both old and new in EK.

I have a variety of pics of the town center from way back, which are great, but I'm looking for more contributions...

anyone care to weigh in on this one ?

Care to share them and see where the thread might go from there ?
Bear in mind your asking for contributions without actually contributing here.

I honestly don't mean it to sound as rude as it probably does but its been a long day a longer shift and the brain is winding down.

Hi Ian, sometimes we have copyright issues on this forum as like most other forums, now if you have "gathered" most of your photographs please ask for the owners permission before posting them on here. I would also add that if you require some from UG then please ask the photographers for their consent first through the message board.  

I haven't posted them here for that reason, I am still trying to verify the ownership of a few of them...

I took some photos in East Kilbride a few months ago, will look them out and you are welcome to use them if they are what your looking for.....Im not the best one for taking photos on here, but I try  

Some pics to get this going.

Workers. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Handless. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Copper man. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Cpperhead. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Helmet. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

who stole the hand off the first copperman?

Wiz it you ?

no mate,i have a great respect for these things and would jail anyone who damages them just as i would jail anyone who desecrates a gravestone.

I agree with you.

The thing is it is just a plastic hat with a coating on it.  

still no excuse for vandalising it though.

They are all just mannequins that were installed and painted on site. The hand has been missing since last summer and is no doubt under some weekend party animals bed. I personally think they are smashing but a little sh!t as far as lasting tributes go. Perhaps its time the council commissioned some in reinforced fibreglass with a decent colorbond finish to replace what was only ever supposed to be a temporary art installation. Like Sputnik said these things should be appreciated not wrecked.

Totally agree with you both.

James Hamilton heritage park. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Just arrived on site great picture of the heritage loch hope I can contribute to your forum as well learn MrBolly Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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