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East Kilbride then and now

heres a pic of me in my dads vauxhall victor in july '68 facing the town centre car park with the civic centre in the back ground

heres the view in july 2008 of my own vauxhall victor in the new car park facing the now bus station but the civic centre is still in the back ground


Great pics.

although there is not a lot of difference in the two pics.

New bus station and a new carpark with guard rail...
Progress indeed
Charlie Endell

Great picture. I was raised in EK - was up there a few weeks ago and that part of the town centre is looking very neglected with the old Arnotts and the Stuart Hotel boarded up.
Alex Glass

Not befor and after just before.


Erm that was on the way to Downtown Miami  

I now feel old
Mahdi West

No before, only now.

Former Parish Council Chambers, Main Street

Former Courthouse, Montgomery Street

East Kilbride Station

was in EK today, but my wee camera hasnt recovered from the bang I gave it the other day and Im not getting good photos.. need a new camera.. this is some oldies having a great time skating away at the ice rink today.


Like it ....

Never knew the ice rink was still there...

Used to use it after the Loof closed ... And the old Dolan baths too ... the new Health and safety option Dolan is pish !!!

nice photo's there, i'm from just outside EK in Jackton im a bit young to remember downtown miami though but can vaguely remember the old shops where princess square now stands.

Hi Scottie,
just saw your pic.of your dads'Vauxhall Victor deluxe in the forum.
I think if it was white with a red roof and interior,he may have bought my dads'old car.Dad purchased the car new from McLeans garage and car dealers in the old village,and kept it for 2 or 3 years.I think there was only one like that in that time.It was a lovely car with such happy family memories. Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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