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Lone Groover

EASTER weekend

How about we have an Easter Weekend project ?

Only photos taken between Good Friday & Easter Monday allowed & the more Easter they are the better !

Now watch the rain arrive !  

Probably best if nobody starts crucifying folk just for a pic though ........
xxx zos xxx

aww thats my idea oot the windae then
Lone Groover

zolita1908 wrote:
aww thats my idea oot the windae then

Put those nails away young lady !
xxx zos xxx

you know me too well  
Lone Groover

Easter in Dunoon !

lots more on flickr


A few taken over the weekend so far.As can be seen ,we have not had any rain so far.    
The dog was the winner,he got to eat the eggs!!!!!!

easter eggs

A dug eating boiled eggs!!! You'll be sorry unless he sleeps ootside!!!        

Nice photos Mr U
Congrats on the egg painting, i think yours looks best.    

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