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Now old Edward he eight didn't hang about on the throne for too long, but during his short reign there were some coins and letterboxes made bearing the George VIII insignia. I'm intrigued to know if there are any pillar boxes bearing the Edward VIII insignia in Glasgow. Anyone ever seen one of these rare beasties?

This is one in London

There is one in Tobermory

and perhaps in Hyndland Road, Glasgow, and Aberdeen

I'm just off to scout Hyndland Road ... will report back later.

Best, R

Update ... there is an Edward VIII box in Hyndland Road, next to the Hyndland Station shops. I'll post a picture later.

It's very close to the Norwegian Embassy, so I'd be very surprised if Fjord hasn't noticed this, and even photographed it.

Best, R

The only Victoria one i've seen is across from Shawlands arcade

Hyndland Road box

Here is the evidence ...

up close ...


Well tracked down Ronnie Nuff said

scallopboy wrote:
Well tracked down Ronnie Nuff said

You are very welcome. Speak to you soon.
Best, R

Looks like it has gained several inches in diameter with all the coats of red paint over the years Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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