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Erskine Bridge & The Saltings

Flying metal swans

Erskine Bridge

View west towards Dumbarton

Below Erskine Bridge

The Saltings

Doog Doog

Like the 2nd pic lots

Cheers DD

Cargoeng Top two photos....topers mate      love the bright colours in them.
Bankie Boy

I live in Old Kilpatrick and that whole area is a really nice place for a quiet walk. The memorial garden to those who have taken their lives on the bridge is also coming along nicely, a little tranquil haven.

Sunny November day, ideal for a walk in The Saltings...with a wee bit of Swan, er...Canal!
Taken today, crackin' day, the wildlife was out & about!

Saltings, last Christmastime.

Christmas Eve, 2010

November 22, 2011

November colour at The Saltings


Doog Doog

Glasgow Loon

Pics are taking from a passing Helensburgh to Airdrie train in 1971 as the Erskine Bridge was being built.

sw rankin

Erskine Bridge under construction


Fantastic photos sw rankin and glasgow loon! I hope to get some of my old Erskine Bridge and M898 photos up at some point on here. Just trying to clear copywrite on them though.

I have never seen any photos of the Erskine Bridge being built, thanks for posting
Doog Doog

Great pics  Loon & Stu

Smashing pics there. Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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