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Esso West Street...

Thought this was doing well on this site...

...Obviously not...from above to this in a couple of days...


The one on great western road at anniesland is the same now

According to my local shell, esso are struggling...

Esso sold all its Scottish sites to BP in a deal 5 years ago but legally had to retain a number of sites BP Sold many of its sites in Wales to ESSO and Q8...

Esso had indicated long ago it wanted out of Scotland as the BP controlled refinery in Scotland were not pricing competitive at the time and this was a deal that suited both parties.

the one on aikenhead road is the same too
Delmont St Xavier

And on Great Western Road after Anniesland X

So... city centre petrol stations expect for the part time con on Elmbank Street?

Is that still there as i have never seen it open ... though my times in the city are mostly vampiresque  
Vinny the Mackem

There's the Stainsbury's one on Woodlands Road, which is nearly the city centre.

I'm pretty sure Elmbank is still open.  Used the cash machine there a few months back, so I assume it's still operational.

Yeah Elmbank is still open, was at the King's the other evening and it was open

I cant remember the last time I used an Esso petrol station
Well lets see if they get reopened
I assumed the one in Aitkenhead rd closed because it was much dearer than the new Asda station at Toryglen
So far the Esso station at Dalmarnock is stil opened

A lot of the ones i have been in lately have been kinda devoid of stock while others such as Alexandria seem to be flourishing though when the new Tesco goes up in Balloch that may well change.

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