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Fernie St. Maryhill

Hello everyone, this is my first visit to this site, I have just been up to Glasgow to trace my roots, my family are from here they lived in Fernie st, Maryhill. But the closest I could find was Fernie Gardens, when I went there it was relative new built houses, I spoke to a nice local woman who said she didn't know of any housing there b4 she moved in but thought it might have been an orphanage. Does anyone have any info on what was there b4?

Hi scrumdown57, I checked an old map and didn't find Fernie st
I will  make enquiries

Hi scrumdown, you were in the wrong part of Maryhill if you were at Fernie Gds
Fernie st ran from Oran st to Arden st, just off Maryhill rd there is a lot of new build in that area.
Find Oran st and your pretty close
At one time all that separeted Hathaway st and Fernie st was a school
Hathaway st is still there and Oran st but its reshaped

Some trivia from Fernie st, it was named after a local builder, John Fernie.

Number 4, a son attempted to murder his father 21-4-66
Number 20, a man was murdered in his house 9-10-66

Hope this was of some help

Is Fernie Street not in Lambhill or Cadder beside the canal   parallel to Lochburn Road

Fernie Street, Maryhill

Thanks to all for the replies, especially Norrie for taking the time to check it out for me, I appreciate it. I am hoping to travel back up to Glasgow next month so I will check out the new info. Thanks again to everyone!

Hi Cybers, there is a Fernie gds  close to Lochburn rd, Fernie st was just off Maryhill rd, according to older maps I have.
I was pointed in the right direction by a friend

What era are you looking for?

Norrie, your story about how it got its name doesn't fit... Fernie Street appeared to exist in 1914 as it's on the valuation rolls

Hi Stuball, I have amended my post re the builder who Fernie st was named after,  does that make more sense

Still makes no sense to me    perhaps i am missing something though  

I was told that Fernie st was named after a local builder
Thats what I was trying to say

This might help, the 1st one is the 25 to the mile, the second is the 6 but is overlaid on google earth, just use the slider at the top to see what is there now. Fernie st looks to have disappeared.

fernie street maryhill

I was born and lived in Fernie street. where Fernie street was their is a football park  now. when you turn left at the Football park that used to be vernon street. you went 1 hundred yards down turned left or right that was Fernie street Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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