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Fintry To Denny Road

Was in Glasgow today and thought i would take the scenic route with my boy.
Well that and the chance of a snawbaw fight in the Campsies.
Well decided to go the Fintry to Denny road on the other side of the Crow road and was rewarded with the Spectacular Loup O Fintry in full  tilt and the Carron Valley Dam doing what it only does sometimes.

Loup O Fintry (side)

Loup O Fintry (Front)

Loup O Fintry (side 2)

Carron Valley Dam 1

Carron Valley Dam 2

Carron Valley Dam 3

Carron Valley Dam 4

Nice set Cybers...but all that waters made me need a pee now


Nice pics cybers, not been up that way in years, you have inspired me to take a trip up.
wee minx

Beautiful pics Cybers..I've been walking up the Campsies once, got right bogged down , beautiful scenery though so close to Glasgow.

I always went camping up there as a kid and i think it has been the first time i have really walked there since 1989.  

Always amazed how far it is from the developers without being to far from civilisation.
Used to be teaming with scheme life during the long decent summer holidays all armed with tents and candlewick bedspreads.

Ahh to be a kid again and not give a toss.

Loup of Fintry by stuballscramble, on Flickr


Yoko dropped his nifty fifty down the waterfall... it's probably still lying in bits down the bottom :p

Shouldnae laugh really poor Davie ...
Surprised he is no lying in bits at the bottom after the fit to the back "ooty the wi"
Doog Doog

Cracking pics guys
not been up that way for a long long time.

Nice pics!

Despite living in the Denny/Bonnybridge area my whole life I don't think I had been to the loup of fintry until earlier this year (I certainly have no earlier memories of visiting)!

Did anyone go as far as Denny? Just before you get into Denny, between Fankerton and Stoneybridge, is the site of a former paper mill. Mill has been demolished but there is a cracking big derelict house that sit in the middle of it still there. Keep meaning to go and get pics (its 5mins drive away!) but always forgetting!

I live in West Lothian and regularly use the Campsie to Denny road when i get bored of motorway commuting when not working (I drive for a living so see the M8 Daily:cry: )

Never noticed a derelict before Denny but would be most interested in locating it for a nosey.    

I know the place....

This is it:


That's some urbexing just waiting to happen!  

Passed the house above last weekend and they are building flats immediately next to it. Fair amount of activity on the site, imagine the rest of the surrounding area will follow. Wonder what will happen to the house. Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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