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Firm bids to knock down old campus to build housing estate

Firm bids to knock down old campus to build housing estate (Evening Times)

A DEVELOPMENT company wants to knock down a row of disused listed buildings
in Bearsden and replace them with a modern housing estate.

The A-listed residential blocks sit on a hill on the outskirts of the town and were
once used by priests and students at the former St Andrew's College campus.
But most of the site - which houses the newly-built Bearsden Academy - has
been empty since 1999.

Now Manchester- based Muse developments plans to demolish the disused
buildings and build houses, flats, offices and a care home on the surplus land.
The company said the new scheme at the junction of Duntocher Road and
Stockiemuir Road would be "distinctive, safe and pleasant".

Regional director Stephen Turner said the listed buildings - built in 1969 and
originally used for student accommodation - had "outlived their usefulness".

He added: "They are certainly not usable and have grown old. They are structures
we could not re-used in our plans and we have now asked for a demolition
order. We have been through various options for these buildings and have had
discussions with Historic Scotland about the reasons for listing them."

Mr Turner claimed both Historic Scotland and East Dunbartonshire Council had
accepted the company's reasons for wanting to knock them down.

He added: "It's one of the few occasions where no-one can tell us why they
were listed in the first place. They really stand out because they are on the
hillside and they are not loved by anyone in the area. It would be better to have
a nice sensitive design scheme like the one we are proposing than have these
things on the hillside."

East Dunbartonshire Council this week deferred a decision until a site visit by
councillors. The buildings were designed in the late 1960s by Glasgow architectural
firm Gillespie, Kidd & Coia.

In 2003, a plan to demolish them was opposed by a local campaign group called
Save the Campus which wanted it to be used for educational purposes.

James H

Always thought it looked like a poor copy of this, built 2 years earlier for Expo '67:-
Doog Doog

A care home next to a school?  

What eejit thought that one up?  Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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