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for alex glass

one of the tickets from the most fantastic gig i've ever been to in the apollo
i was 16 at the time & that night i spent it dancing with some random guy in the aisle ..... perhaps it was you alex  
i bought a badge & hat as souvenirs (my hat was stolen off my head that night as i walked down renfield street by some guy i gave chase but the swine got away  )
my marley badge had pride of place on my chinky jacket (along with the others that are in the pic .... couldn't find my bob marley one i'll need to now turn the house upside down ... any excuse not to do uni work ) which reeked of patchouli oil pmsl
i'm looking forward to going to see the movie about marley when it's released in the cinema ... think it's the 20th april
it should be good  

Wonderful Donna, great story!

You should release a film called "Marley and me" !!!    

great idea !!!!!!!!!! but jennifer beat me to it  
Alex Glass

Thanks DMK I am sure I posted my ticket somewhere will need to check I will have a scan as I did all my tickets for posting so will find it hopefully.

Now wouldn't that be some story if it was me dancing with you in the aile maybe we should just leave it there and just wonder.

It was a fantastic gig and I don't know why I didn't go to both nights as I am sure I would have throught about it. Maybe I just couldn't get tickets as it was a sell out.

i just got lucky alex & skint myself in the process lol

Now wouldn't that be some story if it was me dancing with you in the aile maybe we should just leave it there and just wonder.
Alex Glass

I knew I had it scanned

And this too

Was there on a different day DMK and in a different part of the Apollo too

i was there that night too  
my ticket might have been for the circle but i spent both nights in the else could i have been dancing with you alex

thanks for posting ...i made an attempt to paint uprising on my bedroom wall it was pants lol
Alex Glass

Ah the old gray cells are wasted and how could I have forgotten that dance we had.

I don't think everyone joind in on the dancing but do remember I was on my feet all night.

I have some other tickets that I hve kept and they are all scanned and in the same location on a photobucket account I have .

My get round to starting a thread and posting them up.

yea do that
i'm sure it'll bring back great memories for you and perhaps other members too =]
Alex Glass

Do you have any other stubs DMK?

Maybe I should call it Glasgow Gigs and post it in the Glasgow Past section
Alex Glass

thanks Fastnet is that an order from a Mod  

Will post anything there and hopefully that will help develop that thread

Posts on the way  

Alex Glass wrote:
Do you have any other stubs DMK?

yea i have a few alex =]
Alex Glass

posted mine on the Gig thread will look for some other stuff  Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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