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Forth And Clyde Junction Railway

I always had a thing for Trains as a lad but i wont rabbit on about that here but as well as the Trains the tracks they ran on held just as much interest sitting in the front section of a class 303 heading to Glasgow and getting a drivers eye view of the journey or as a rare treat taking the West Highland Train back home to Helensburgh Upper from Queen St high level i'd notice tracks branching off here and there and wonder where they went.

Studying Railmaps and asking people soon got me the answers as to what Trains ran where and what lines they used but some others always remained a mystery till relatively recently funny after all those years to get the answers while looking at old pics of Craigendoran station on the RailScot website.

Turns out most of the lines where part of the old Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire railway and the other one that bugged me as a child was just after Balloch station you saw two spurs head off to the left turns out it was the Forth And Clyde Junction railway here's some info about the route including some nice pictures of the stations from the RailScot website and an interesting historical feature about the railway taken from the Back Track magazine that some of you may find intersting.


Back Track Magazine feature on the Forth and Clyde Junction railway
http://www.gargunnockvillagehisto...rth%20&%20Clyde%20Railway.pdf Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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