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From the ground

Thought this might be an idea for some pics..............Well Alex did really..

Alex Glass

Great photos Fastnet

It was really your idea

I have a bit of a habit of doing this. Word of warning though i have been tripped over and almost run over so be careful folks.

Livingston Reservior Overflow Channel

Glen Etive

A93 Cairngorms

That last pic always gives me the feeling of speed cybers.

Great shots.

try scrolling up and down  quite fast and its as if you are whizzing along that road.wheeeeee.

Great road for biking  
Doog Doog

crackers btw peeps.
Alex Glass


Noo Hoose by David C Laurie, on Flickr

James H

Oh Raily   .... I saw a dumbass today doing something similar only to get that HEEHAWWWWWW noise not made by donkeys startle..

Timetables were a strange concept to this fella.
Doog Doog

That's agreat pic Alex. Forum Index -> Other Photography
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