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On a visit to friends in Newcastle on Saturday, we were taken to Gateshead to view the now partly demolished car park that was used in the "Get Carter" film.

Here are my photos.

Vinny the Mackem

Sad end.  Used to pass it frequently when passing by on the Train from Newcastle to Sunderland, but not gone that way for ages as they've more or less done away with trains and now it tends to be the Metro we travel on, which goes a different route.


I didn't know about the car park all until I saw a news article recently on the BBC website that they were going to knock it down.  It only made that because of the Get Carter connection.  Many other buidlings are demolished without the headlines.

I haven't seen the film, but maybe I will now that I have a connection:-)


my fav scene in the movie,seeing alf roberts from corrie copping his whack.
max stafford

It was a big building, but it was in bad shape...


Gateshead Hilton by David C Laurie, on Flickr


I didn't know we had this thread....

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