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Getting Into Abandoned Buildings

Hey guys,

So i'm new and a complete amateur. I love abandoned buildings and i've started exploring them but I always have the same problem; I can never get into them, they're always boarded up with wood and/or metal. I realise that it is something to expect but I was wondering if you guys knew any tips to getting in, or even some places in or around Glasgow where I won't have that problem.

Thank you!

Look in all the places you would least expect a door ... There is no golden key holder I am afraid and no one will share the whys and wheres with a noobie. Stick around post some of your adventures and perhaps someone somewhere will start to be a little more trusting. Oh and stay safe its a dangerous hobby.

^^ good advice. Stay away from railways and private property!

Don't break in.... that would be illegal your honour

Ive been in some in Glasgow.

Well post the evidence then it's called sharing the experience.

hi peeps i just registered on here and this is my first post but i have been interested in urbex for a while and have been a regular visitor to urban glasgow,over the last 2 days i have been visiting the grounds of the old stobhill hospital,its easily accessible,i stay a 5 minute walk from the point of entry,let me know if anyone's interested..i know no one trusts a noob but its an open invitation and a chance for me to get established..........[/img] Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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