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Mahdi West

Glasgow Baths

I'm sure there must be a post on the old baths somewhere although I couldn't find it. If not here's a couple to start off with. Plenty of memories in these buildings.

Arlington Street Baths

Victoria Baths, West Nile Street
Alex Glass

Great idea Mahdi

Don't recall seeing a thread on Glasgow Baths on here.

Here's an old bath I discovered in Dalmarnock... Christ help those swimmers at the Commonwealth Games diving in there. I'd award a gold medal just for paddling.

Mahdi West

Brilliant Fjord. Mark the spot just in case they need it  
Mahdi West

Whiteinch Public Baths, Medwyn Street

Mahdi West wrote:
Whiteinch Public Baths, Medwyn Street

loved that place, remember queuing during the summer hols from school to get in.

whiteinch baths

remember going here as a youngster (an i'm only 45) the bovril macine and going for a roll&chips  round the corner on dumbarton road
Robert Pool

A medal from the Whiteinch Baths

Drumchapel Baths

Whitevale Baths

Arlington Baths

Western Baths


I'm glad you posted the picture of Drumchapel baths Robert mate .. there's something very fishy indeed happening there at the moment v.v. sauna refurbishment.

It all smells a bit of slow strangulation to me. I hope not but I've got a bad feeling ...
Robert Pool

I remember when Bobby McGregor open the baths and we all queued for hours to get in. Heated swimming pool, what a difference from Whiteinch and Clydebank Baths

It was a great baths Robert, but it's dying the death of a thousand cuts at the moment .. sauna problems have plagued the baths for a while now with customer complaints being either ignored completely (sauna lounge area is cold to sit in with a tee-shirt and jogging trousers on .. God knows what it feels like sitting there between sauna or steam-room sessions) or blamed on the central control.

Generally all customer complaints are being slippery shouldered and have ever since the wee fitness suite upstairs was closed after the opening of the Donald Dewar centre. I'd still like to know what happened to the gym equipment as we were all offered first refusal of said items should we want them, and we did, but said offer never materialised and the equipment subsequently vanished without trace.

The loss of the gym is greatly felt as the Donald Dewar simply does not have the same community feel that the old fitness suite had and I have the strong impression the sauna is heading in the same direction.

If the sauna/steam room goes then the baths position will doubtless be regarded as untenable given the proximity to Scotstoun Showground and all of it's incumbent lycra brigade.

Hope I'm wrong but, like I said, I've got a bad feeling ....

taught my eldest lassie to swim in the drum baths,always a pleasurable atmosphere and staff were great but it was over twenty years ago.

Used to go to a boy's club run by Mr. Brown here twice a week late 60's and learned to swim.

KP Swimming Baths And Wash House

I used to stay right across the road from Calder Street baths. I did my laundry in the steamie during the week, and on a Sunday morning, I used to go for a swim in the pool. Dived right into the pool, hangover and all; and either I sobered up really quick, or else I drowned. I'm not sure I cared which one it was, I just wanted rid of the hangover.

I know this is a big of a long shot but do any of you know the year Drumchapel baths were open? I am trying to find a photo taken the day the baths should have opened. The picture was in either the evening times or other Glasgow paper and was of two young rather disappointed looking boys. Any info would be great thanks

Another for the baths thread.

Public Baths in Clydebank, currently in the process of being renovated.

I remember going to Townhead Baths off Cathedral Street as a kid in the late 50's. The water was green and our eyes would often run with the high chlorine content, probably put in to kill all known germs from us manky Garngad boys.
I also remember Springburn Baths in Kay Street and the water was a tropical blue compared to the toxic green of the Townhead Baths. Looking back, the water was probably clear and it was the colour of the tiles in the pool that gave you the impression of swimming in tropical waters ! Springburn Baths were great as there was a chippy outside in Kay Street and you couldn't beat a couple of fritters to warm you up coming out of the warmth of the baths into a cold winters night.

Hi all,

Apparently much of the film Gorky Park was filmed in Glasgow.  There is a scene in it which is filmed in a bath house.  I have a feeling it's one in glasgow.

A wee puzzle to solve as I've googled and couldnt find out which one.

This next lot are from the last days of Whiteinch Baths
I got permission to photograph from the council, I had to give them a copy of the photos.
Just a pity that I couldnt photograph the Turkish baths part of the building
The photos were taken in 1995


Pool area


The reception area


The Steamie


Medwyn st, the last remaining part of the baths


It was the Woodside Baths for me, just up from New City Road.

Spent most of my summers there with ma pals - there was a big pool for the men & boys and a wee separate one for the girls.

The boys pool had a (or so it felt when you're 12) towering dale, which I was never brave enough to jump from - but of course my pal, Robert, who spent every school holiday at A&E for one accident or another launched himself off it regularly, usually with me underneath! I lost count the number of times the attendants threw us out for being disruptive - guilty by association apparently!

The Steamie next door was run by big wumen, with big boosoms, never without a fag in their mouths and wore full-length white rubber aprons and heavy clogs. There was a steady stream of wifies with their steamie prams loaded high with bundles of washing, often standing in line outside waiting their turn when we came out with our wrinkled prune skin and hot beef soup.

One of Robert's summer master-plans was when he 'found' a set of pram wheels and frame so we could build a bogie, which wisn'y bad even if I say so myself when we finished it. For a few glorious days we raced up and down the lane beside Jimmy Logan's Metropole theatre, devising ever more dangerous stunts to test our steel. Sadly it all ended in tears when  Robert and his mortified mother turned up at our door with the original owner of our 'found' prize demanding recompense for her 'lost' steamie pram!  

So once again I found myself guilty by association and for two weeks was lighter by my half-a-crown pocket money to repay my dad what he had to shell out as my part of the purchase of a new set of wheels for the irate pramless owner - no pictures, no Airfix kit, no Dandy or Beano, but worst of all was ............ NO WOODSIDE BATHS FOR TWO WEEKS!  

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