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Glasgow Busker...Melo, Sauchiehall Street

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to speak to a Busker in Glasgow.
His name is Helde Demmello, known as Melo usually found on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow.
Could anyone let me know if you know of him? Or recognise him?

Im trying to make contact with him for a new programme were making re; on-line content.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Wrong Town.

Melo moved to London ages ago shortly after all the bad publicity from TV programme The Street and the court cases. I have never seen him in the city busking since the program aired, Maybe someone else has, he may well have returned. Nothing like an exploitative first post to grab attention though  
Alex Glass

Agree with Cybers

I am in town every day and haven't seen Melo since that programme was shown.

I also heard from someone who knew him that he went to London but don't know if he actually got there Forum Index -> Events and Recommendations
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