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Glasgow Green

Am new to this discussion board, but enjoying it very much.
I was born in 1957, and spent a lot of my early years in Saltmarket.
In Glasgow Green, behind the public toilets on the corner opposite the High Court and the old Mortuary, there was a single storey grey rough-cast covered building, about 30'x15'. It had a flat roof and a steel door, but nobody knew what it was. I contacted the City Planning Dept. some years ago after I noticed it had been demolished, but they told me it was not on any drawings.
I suspect it may have been connected with the weir on the Clyde, which is only a few hundred yards away. Does anyone have any ideas???

I know the one you mean. Think it was connected to the old waterboard as used to see guys at it taking water samples in wee bottles when i was playing hookey.

Glasgow Green

Thought it might be something mundane, but was hoping for something more interesting, like the hidden lair of a Bond villain, or a nuclear war room for the Glasgow City Councillors, or even an old bomb shelter, but my Mum lived across in Saltmarket and says they used the shop cellars in wartime, so that one is out. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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