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Glasgow in the 1970s a supplement - Discussion Thread

Please keep all comments about the 'Glasgow in the 1970s a supplement' images in here folks.

streapadair wrote:
This photo needed a little research, for although I had a rough date (late April or May 1975) I had no note or recollection of where or why I took it. School on the hill, couldn't find a match, but then I noticed the motorway-style lighting and barriers top left, so which m/way was nearing completion at that time? Answer was Phase 1 of the Monkland M8, Townhead to Cumbernauld Rd. Things began to fall into place, and the school was identifiable as the old Riddrie Primary (where there is now the corral of houses at the top of Leader St.). So, for what it's worth, I present to you the Blochairn-Parkhead off-slip from J13 on the westbound M8.
Incidentally, the tyre tracks coming down from the level part of the hill are I think on the site of the famous Inclined Plane on the Monkland Canal, by means of which barges bringing coal to the city from Lanarkshire could bypass the Blackhill Locks.

Yep, thats exactly where the Inclined Plane was.  

James H
Delmont St Xavier

The Church at Claremont Street was Trinity Congregational Church - many Congregational churches were small buildings but the ones in Glasgow were on par with Parish churches.  

Beautiful in its heyday.....
Glasgow Loon

Another wonderful set of pics of glasgow.

Its amazing what you can do with old negatives and todays technology.


Realy enjoyed this set well done      
Doog Doog

Excellent even the so called duffers had a certain charm.

Just spent an enjoyable 40 minutes going through these.

Fantastic ride through time.....

This was like reading a really good book, I didn't want to get to the end  

Brilliant photos once again, thanks for sharing  

These 2 pictures are listed in the Queens park section but I am absolutely positive they are from the Linn park.

I live a stones throw away and cycle through there a lot. I will get pictures for comparison as soon as I am back in the park. I was there today but didnt take pictures of these areas.


absolute crackers.i nearly fell aff the chair when i saw the wm linn and son upholsterers first job was in their hillington factory in 1976 and i did not know they had a retail side of the business.

Thanks, people. Glad (and relieved) that they gave some enjoyment.

Dave - thanks for the correction, I'm sure you're right. The non-urban negatives from that period are not annotated and are badly jumbled up, so there was an element of guessing with some, and I'm now on the wrong side of the country for checking out locations. The colour one I thought was from the upper path above the bandstand, but on consideration the sun is entirely in the wrong direction for an October afternoon. Does the grassy slope run down to the Cart? The b/w one looked like the path at the foot of what we used to call Hill 60 leading from the Langside Av. gate towards the pond, but if you have a better match in the Linn Park that's fine. Funnily enough I don't have any clear memory of taking any photos in the Linn (a bus ride away whereas QP was a couple of minutes' walk), but then it was a long time ago.

While looking through the negative strips for evidence I came across this one I'd missed. I'd probably have labelled it QP too but for that lattice-work footbridge. Is this the Linn too? If not, any idea?

The colour picture is taken from the path that would have run past the front door of Cathcart house. This is the closest I have to the location and your position would have been under the tree on the left of the now picture;

cathcart house then and now by, on Flickr

I cant find a picture close to the black and white photo's location and I had thought I would get out on my bike today to match them but weather has been against me.

To the right of the path in the picture is the golf course and to the left is a high drop towards the river.

The footbridge in the above picture looks like queens park. As of a couple of months ago however it now looks like this

queens park august11 by, on Flickr


Ha, so the leaf-burning was in the QP. Where was the bridge, down by the duckpond somewhere? Have no memory of it.

The bridge is roughly in the middle of this picture, in amongst the trees as you follow the line of the road past the house;


the picket fence looks like the one in linn park behind the 2nd green on the golf mentioned hill 60 ,does anyone know where this comes from as there is a hole on dalmuir golf course called hill 60 .quite curios as to its origins now.

Flanders ... Near Ypres it was the only elevated section of an otherwise flat landscape.
Lots of gowf courses have a Hill 60 though the meaning is probably lost in the depths of time now but i assumed it was down to the old soldiers playing golf.

I got up to the park today to confirm the locations.

linn park then and now by, on Flickr

linnpark2 then and now by, on Flickr

Hope these help and I hope you dont mind me using them in my then and now set?


Thanks, Dave, spot on.

As ever, no problem.

Molendinar Photos

Thanks for all the photos in these galleries and others.  I used to play around the burn in these photos circa 1960 when we lived at 146 Duke Street across the road from the brewery.  Does anybody have a photo of this side of the street when the tenements where still there?  Demolished in the sixties.

Surely that last picture was taken from Victoria Bridge.

Correct.  Ooops again.
Doog Doog

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