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Glasgow News - Glasgow's free press

Anyone remember this news sheet? It was sold on the street, in pubs, in certain bookshops, for a few years in the mid 70s. Glasgow Uni Library has an incomplete collection of issues, but I can't find anything else about it online.

I forget (or never knew) who was behind the publication, which took a stoutly Socialist stance. It slightly predated the Scottish Daily News, a much more professional paper run and staffed by journalists and printers made redundant when the Express pulled out of Albion St and reduced their Scottish operation to an office and a couple of telephones.

I used to splash 5p on it whenever I encountered a seller, but only 2 of my copies have survived the decades. Here are the front pages (the first a brave/foolhardy hatchet job on Jock Stein), and if you want to read the whole 8 pages of each you can find them on my Dropbox -

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