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Gary Brown

Glasgow Parks

Hey guys,

Got a really good interest on Hidden Glasgow when I posted about the Glasgow Parks but I thought you guys would be keen to see the photos from some of the parks I ended up in the weekend:

Carmunnock Coppice Woodland:

Dams to Darnley Country Park:

Darnley Mills Country Park


I Gary and welcome to UG

Do you mind posting the actual pictures instead of links?
Gary Brown

Yeah not a problem. Was in a few more this weekend as well. Try and get some pics up soon.

Gary Brown

Some of the parks I was in this past week:

Sighthill Park

Richmond Park

Hogganfield Park
Doog Doog

Cracking pics,Gary

I noticed that a lot of tree felling work was going on earlier this year on the edges of Kings Park, and this morning on the way to the station I saw a JCB ripping up large swathes of woodland at the Menock Road entrance to the park - does anyone know if this is being done with a preservation plan in mind or if they're just ripping trees up for the hell of it? Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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