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Glasgow Past - Shop name help! V&A Donation

Hi All!

I need you help!

I was given a Charles Creed dress from the 60's, 1968 to be exact from my boyfriends Gran.
I am donating it to the V&A because it is very special and shows the cross over from high end fashion - structured and tailored in the 50s to cheap high street stereotypical sixties style fashion. A high end designer trying to keep up with the fast pace fashion.

The museum need as much information about it as possible.. the details aren't very accurate atm.

The shop was on or near Argyle Street and was called something like 'Miss Pudalovs / Pudalofs' ???
I have tried searching and cant find anything close to that..

We know it sounded like that? - could be completely different and was bought in 1968 from a boutique which had to order it in from London.

If any of you can help that would be amazing. I also may try the library for retail shops listed in the area during that year.

Hoping I can find this out next week to send to the museum!

Thanks All


Hi Vicki,

I can't really help you with the location of the shop,but I see from a 1938 Street Directory that there was a Mrs Agnes PUDALOFF living at 20 Arundel Drive,Langside.The Voter's Roll for that year reveals she was living there with her adult daughters (presumably) called LARETA and VERA.I would imagine that it was one of the latter who owned the shop.

Good luck with your search.



Thanks for this.. very helpful! Much appreciated!

Just hope I can at least confirm there was a shop with this name on argyle street or close by.

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