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Pete Wilson

Glasgow Police Boxes

Hi All,

Glasgow (apart from London) was the only City to have "Dr Who-Style" Police Boxes.
I'm trying to collect as many photos (preferably Colour!) of the 320 or so boxes that existed between 1930's-1990's
(the 4 remaining boxes have been converted into Ice Cream/Coffee Kiosks!)
If anybody has any please could you post on here (or email me)

Many Thanks!


Have you tried contacting Glasgows Police Museum? They have a very old one discovered burried in a wall.

This one was taken in the winter of 2010.

Police Box

Has the one next to the cathedral been converted then? Havent been up that way in a while?
Fat Cat

dickyhart wrote:
Has the one next to the cathedral been converted then? Havent been up that way in a while?

It was a coffee kiosk for a while but didn't last long.

Thought there was a plan in place to return them to the original red, Though no doubt the fans of Dr Who would have raised a wee petition to keep them blue.
cinema historian

there used to be a blue police box at paisley road toll at the angel building and there was a larger red  one on stanley street next to the swing park it had a door you pulled open and there was a speaker grill to summon the police or fire brigade or ambulance

This is the one in Buchanan Street taken last week

Police Box - Buchanan Street by SkintoBalinto, on Flickr

Always thought just London and Glasgow had these but here are some others..

cheers for the polis box link.enjoyed that calamity.

glad you liked it.. black and white photo of Roebank st..

police box at cathedral square
DSCF1200 by kennygraham1, on Flickr

Criminal Timing by David C Laurie, on Flickr Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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