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Glasgow Quiz Thread

A place to post and discuss Glasgow quizzes, questions and trivia.

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Hawick_1987's Glasgow Quiz 1

Q1 Which Glasgow institution was the first public museum to be opened in Scotland, and in what year?


ANSWER: The University of Glasgow's Hunterian Museum (designed by William Stark in the classic style) opened at the old High Street College in 1807. It was reopened in the Gilbert Scott building at Gilmorehill when the University moved in 1870, and remains open to this day. Collections are now spread between the museum, art gallery, zoology and anatomical department, library and the pathology department located at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Q2 What event happened at the Kibble Palace on 24th January 1914? Who was allegedly responsible?


ANSWER: A bomb exploded in the Kibble Palace causing damage to 27 panes of glass and numerous plants. A second explosion was narrowly avoided when the lit fuse was cut off by a night stoker. Suffragettes were alleged to have performed the deed, based on evidence found at the scene including imprints of womens shoes in the mud and a black lace scarf. It made headline news in Glasgow and Portsmouth!

Q3 Which Glasgow council ward was famously quoted as having the lowest life expectancy in Western Europe by the World Health Organisation in 2008? What was the average life expectancy quoted?


ANSWER: Calton. The average life expectancy was calculated as 54 for an adult male, but handily no mention was given of 75 for an adult female. It was thrown up against figures from Lenzie (82) and Bearsden (79) which were touted as being streets away from Calton, although neither are part of Glasgow.

Q4 In what year did the City of Glasgow get its coat of arms? When does the current coat of arms date from?


ANSWER: The Lord Lyon officially granted the royal burgh of Glasgow its coat of arms in 1866, although it had previously existed in the form of official seals. The current design was adopted in 1996 after local government re-organisation. A gold mural crown was added to a coronet resembling an embattled city wall. Glasgow is one of four city councils in Scotland to have this privilege.

Q5 How many passenger railway stations are there in Glasgow?


ANSWER: There are currently 60 passenger stations in Glasgow from Alexandra Parade to Summerston, occupying one of the largest urban rail networks in Europe.

Q6 What is Glasgow's tallest structure? What is Glasgow's tallest building?


ANSWER: Glasgow Tower, part of the Glasgow Science Centre complex is the tallest structure in the city at 127 metres in height. It holds a Guinness world record as the tallest tower in the world that is able to rotate a full 360 degrees.

The Tower of Empire (Tait's Tower) built on Ibrox Hill in Bellahouston Park for the 1938 Empire Exhibition was the previous record holder at 91.44 metres. Demolished in July 1939 all that remains are the foundations.

Glasgow's tallest building title is held jointly by 109 Bluevale Street and 51 Whitevale Street, known locally as the 'Gallowgate Twins,' at 90.8 metres in height.

The tallest occupied houses in Scotland are on floor 31 of 123 Petershill Drive (Red Road Tower 5), 89 metres tall.

The "highest" building in Glasgow is at 22 Viewpoint Place in Balgrayhill. Although just 74 metres up, it is the highest man made point in the city due to the topography of the area.

The University of Glasgow's Gilmorehill tower is the highest education building in the U.K. at 85 metres. Cineworld in Renfrew Street is also famously the tallest cinema in the world at 62 metres.

Q7 Which 8 cities are twinned with Glasgow and in what years were the links made official?


ANSWER: Nuremburg, Germany (1985); Rostov-on-Don, Russia (1986); Dalian, China (1997); Havana, Cuba (2002); Turin, Italy (2003); Marseilles, France (2006); Lahore, Pakistan (2006); Bethlehem, Palestine (2007)

Q8 What is the current estimate of the population of Glasgow as given by the General Register Office of Scotland?


ANSWER: 598,830 as of June 2012. This accounts for 11.4% of the population of Scotland and places Glasgow as the 3rd or 4th most populous city in the U.K. depending on interpretation.

Q9 What object dating from c.1540 (the oldest surviving example of its kind in the world) is held in Mount Florida?


ANSWER: A football made from stitched cow leather and pig bladder. It was recovered from the Queen's Chamber at Stirling Castle during renovation work and donated to the Scottish Football Museum at Hampden Park. Although found in a wall dating from 1540, it is thought the football was one of four ordered for King James IV in the 1490s, making it the world's oldest football!

Q10 Finally, what does the name Glasgow mean?


ANSWER: It is from the Brythonic dialect of Cumbric. Broken down into two stems it means 'Glas' = Green and 'Cau' = Hollow, so simply Green Hollow. After being hardened to Glasgow by medieval times, it has recently been romantically interpreted as 'Dear Green Place.'


Nice one Hawick  

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Fat Cat

I've lived in the east end my whole life, my granny lived in Whitevale flats and I've only very recently come across the term "Gallowgate Twins".   Is this a recent thing? Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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