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Alex Glass

Glasgow's Theatres

Glasgow's Theatres

Haven't seen a tread about Glasgow's Theatres so thought I would start on after taking some photos at the Necropolis recently and having read about many of those involved including John Henry Alexander.

John Henry Alexander

I won't repeat what is already available online.

The Glasgow Story


Posted on Flickr is a photo from the National Galleries of Scotland of John Henry Alexander's memorial in the Necropolis.


Although it isn's very clear you can see some of the parts that are missing today. There are small Cherubs with no heads and one statue
is missing and the other has no head.

It truly is one of the most decorative monuments in the Necropolis.

Sydney Rosewater

Aye it's a cracker. It's been in that sad state for many years now unfortunately.
Robert Pool

1905 Grand Theatre and Opera House, Cowcaddens, Glasgow. Programme


Ahhh I was wondering why these guys were takin pics of a devil mask thing up there.


They probably shouldnt be climbing on the monument. I know some will say they are only standing on it and so on but it does cause damage after a while.

Aye there's a lot of stuff we should't do Stu  

Found this quite interesting article on the calmerc


Good article Stu. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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