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Glasgow set for 1.1bn, 28000 jobs boost & airport rail

Glasgow set for 1.1bn, 28,000 jobs boost and an airport rail link. ( Evening Times)

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a 500million cash boost for Glasgow which will
result in the creation of thousands of new jobs.

And he has called on the Scottish Government to match the massive cash injection aimed at
strengthening the economy of the city and surrounding area. Mr Cameron announced the financial
investment ahead of a visit to Scotland at which he will provide further details of the City Deal
package. The city will be the first in Scotland to benefit from City Deal status which is an agreement
between the Treasury and a city region. It involves the transfer of significant additional economic
power and finance in exchange for a disciplined and detailed plan to invest in the area's economy.

Westminster says the City Deal will lead to the creation of more than 28,000 new jobs in the Glasgow
area over the next 20 years and will eventually generate around 1.75billion of economic growth in
the city every year. It will also provide targeted support to more than 4000 ill or disabled people in
work or looking for work and to 15,000 young people over the next three years. City council leader
Gordon Matheson has repeatedly warned Glasgow is losing out to major English cities like Manchester,
Leeds and Liverpool which have already been awarded City Deal status. And he has insisted there
is nothing in Scottish policy which comes close to the potential of the UK scheme.

David Cameron made the announcement in conjunction with Chief Secretary of the Treasury Danny
Alexander. The Prime Minister said: "Glasgow is one of the United Kingdom's greatest cities and like
Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds, it not only has a proud history but it also has a fantastic future.
The city has prospered from industry, innovation and culture but has also been held back by unemployment
and skills shortages." He said that mattered for the whole of the UK as long lasting prosperity would
only happen if all the country's regions and cities were fulfilling their potential.

Mr Cameron added: "For too long, governments in London and Edinburgh have acted as though taking
powers away from Britain's great cities is the best way to create growth, rather than trusting the people
living there to find their own specific solutions to meet their own unique needs. But not any more."

The Prime Minister said the City Deal is a partnership between Glasgow and the UK Government but
would also be seeking a partnership with Holyrood. He added: "This shows how Glasgow can benefit
from having the best of both worlds - a devolved Government in Scotland and the broad shoulders
of the UK Government that can use its influence and resources to unlock vital investment. Building on
this significant investment we are inviting the Scottish Government to match the UK Government contribution."

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Government said it had tried several times to "engage with the UK
Government to secure the best outcome for Glasgow", and looked forward to seeing the details of
the City Deal. This represents 25 million per annum over the next 20 years. The Scottish Government
has been making substantial investment in Glasgow over the years, including over 380 million towards
the Commonwealth Games," the spokeswoman said. "We will be working to ensure this UK proposal
dovetails with the work of the Scottish Cities Alliance and our existing investment in infrastructure.
The Scottish Government is working individually and collectively with all Scotland's cities to optimise
economic growth for the benefit of the whole of Scotland."

The cash boost will go towards a new fund which will support infrastructure projects such as a new
airport rail link, major improvements to the region's road and bus network and the development of
new business sites. In 2006, the Scottish Parliament passed the Glasgow Airport Rail Link which would
have resulted in trains between Central Station and the airport. However the 210million scheme was
scrapped three years later as part of spending cuts. Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, East
Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and West Dunbartonshire councils have pledged 130m to the
new infrastructure fund.

City council leader Gordon Matheson described the announcement as historic for the city and surrounding
area. He said: "This is the start of an era of transformation in the Glasgow city region. This truly historic
city deal is the biggest in the UK and the first in Scotland. It will lead to more and better jobs, new companies
which survive and grow and a massive expansion in modern high tech industry. City regions really are the
engines of national economic growth and I have long argued that devolving more power to our cities is the
best way to grow the Scottish and British economies. We have been able to secure a great deal from the
UK Government and I know the Scottish Government will want to ensure this deal is a success. This deal
also shows the strength of the partnership between the local councils in the Clyde Valley. We have great
strengths - a stock of land which can be brought into productive use, brilliant housing and amenities to
attract and retain the best people and universities which are educating the next generation of scientists
and engineers. It is hard to overestimate how important this is for Scotland."

James H

So if we vote yes he does not need to cough up... and if we vote no then the package will mysteriously be rescinded like most of the other Tory basturt policies ?

I think we're all meant to be too stupid to notice that, cybers.  

cybers wrote:
So if we vote yes he does not need to cough up... and if we vote no then the package will mysteriously be rescinded like most of the other Tory basturt policies ?

...most policies such as?
Of course England/UK would not need to cough up for this or give us ship contracts or share the pound, etc. So what if its cutting their noses off to spite their face. If it were the other way round, would we not want to do same? I'm sure Nationalist Basturt policies will make us all rich anyway.

It was not a comment about "Nationalist Basturt Policies" but thanks for your narrow minded input. It was merely a wonderment at the cynical investment packages getting shown to us in the same week as the fiscal policies of this WestMUNSTER cunto said he would need to be scaling back yet again. Your views are your views mine are mine. 300 years a slave is too long in my book and remember the border will remain open for you to choose where you live. It is not separation it is independence.

But then perhaps most of the confusion arises from fucktards who cannot differentiate between a referendum for a country as opposed to one for a party.

SCOTLAND not the fecking SNP ya EEJIT

Interesting - this is the Yes Campaign is it? Fucktard and Eejit - superb. I think fucktard is probably worse so perhaps run with that in future replies. Re my 'Nationalist Basturt policies'. Does a fucktard-eejit like me really need to point out sarcasm - the Basturt phrase I used was coined by your good self, but I see it's narrow minded - maybe because it's not your view. I am still a dont' know but if I'm honest and backed into a corner, probably a 'No'. Sorry, but all the good arguments and work done by SNP and the Yes people is undone by angry little men like you.
I just asked what "most of the other Tory basturt policies?" that have been rescinded, because I don't know.

Where did I say it was anything about the YES campaign ? Read what's on the page before trying to be clever. The mere fact you have again chosen to ignore the facts as stated "It's a vote about freedom of a country not separation" indicates you may have an inability to follow the simplest of facts. How you vote is your own personal and private choice that is why it will be done in a small booth with a curtain. Try not to look for the shower head or get naked whilst your in there.

I live in a region that has the best burns unit in Scotland it also has a show piece hospital lying 65% empty with all services centralised to Edinburgh except A&E and that really depends on circumstances if your case is too serious you are shipped off to south Edinburgh (Little France) we are about to lose the maternity unit, Again not an SNP policy but perhaps you never noticed the killing of the NHS assets either by a central government policies that are not very central.

Oh and for the Record I have more than once referred to my hatred of Shr-Eck and Princess Wee Moaner Where does that leave your argument ?

Two facts:

(1) That sign was from the former Peacocks store in my old town, Dunfermline.

(2) David Cameron is in fact, a cock.


Offt no argument with both those facts  

Since this is a Glasgow thread can we all stick to that ?

Of course it does not say anything of independence as Mr CaMORON wont debate on Independence. It has cynical timing and is a diversionary tactic. Where was this money when the Cross-Rail plan was actually still alive and a going concern John.

Remember this is also the same people who levy a higher tax in aviation travel from Scotland than the rest of the U.K. The very reason Newcastle were up in arms in the press last week as under the new plan to abolish airport tax in Scotland leading to cheaper air fares there would be no need for Scots to fly from an English airport. Indeed some bigger airlines might even move international flights to Scotland under that plan thereby actually threatening the very existence of Newcastle's infrastructure.

Like every other promise made by that double foreheaded oaf no one voted for I am cynical.

The 500 million is over 20 years.

The Scots send half that to Westminster in beer duty every fecking year.

It's another shiny bauble from the busted flush company store of Westmidden politics. They must think we're fecking daft. They're in for a fright.

fastnet wrote:
Since this is a Glasgow thread can we all stick to that ?

That was how it started and it's too easy to go off topic with failed Tory policies. From the mines of Lanarkshire to the decreasing job security on the Clyde with the closures of Harland and Wolffe, Yarrows, Barclay Curle, Alexanders, Fairfields in fact if it were not for BAE Systems there would be no jobs left on the clyde and lets not forget the political reasons we were given the warships contracts. It would have been political suicide to remove them. Contracts that were signed under a Labour Government BTW as the Tories would have sold Scotland and its people down the river in favour of Portsmouth. Picking fault with The Tories and failed policies in Scotland is too easy but to bring up another point brought forward about sharing the pound. The Irish broke away to an independent free state and kept the pound, Jersey has the pound a self governing democracy so that kinda blows a big wet fart on the rest of the argument unless the Bank of England wants to return the 800 million held as security against the Scottish pound notes in circulation its kind of a "Beware of the Dog it has pyorrhea" statement to claim we will have no pound.

Try spending a Scottish Note further south than Preston FFS.

Like DS said we send more than that promised 500million in Beer Tax south every year but we should be grateful and cap in hand ?

Don't think so... The picture at the start of the thread may well be classed as unfortunate for this Government but it sums up the feeling of a Nation. He is a COCK.

fastnet wrote:
Since this is a Glasgow thread can we all stick to that ?

I am an equal opportunity cynic, so I do apologise John! Airport link is well overdue. Everytime we go abroad or even to another UK city, I get damned ashamed of how poorly connected it is. Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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