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Glasgow Taxis

I'm new to the forum, however i've enjoyed hours looking through the many wonderful threads and pictures.

Does anyone have some pictures from the past featuring Glasgow Taxis?

Thanks in anticipation.
Alex Glass

Welcome to Urban Glasgow red42. I know there are a couple of taxi drivers on here. Maybe they could get access to any photos that the TOA have. They my know where we can access photos, particularly of the day trip to Troon.


My great uncle Charles Petrie with his Glasgow taxi.
Alistair Kennedy
Gosford NSW Australia


Cracker of a photo Al  

Hawick_1987 wrote:
Cracker of a photo Al  

Fat Cat

That taxi is gleaming.
Doog Doog


Thats a cracker of a photo.... my uncle was a taxi driver for years and would have known that man ,I remember his taxi looking like that although no photos..  but I do have one somewhere of his taxi in the late 50s.. Ill have to look out....What I remember is their sh!t and tie and looking smart and the luggage put in the side area next to the driver and strapped in.. there was a wee tiny window at the back with a blind if I remember right and it looked like the hood of a pram.. It had to be cranked up to start the engine..and the metre on the outside..... Im sure if I remember right you just shoved the windows up and down.. and the doors opened the death door way..The bonnet opened at two sides and not from the front...
Charlie Endell

That's what I call a taxi!

No tatty Vectras driven by unshaven blokes wearing joggies in those days.

I've just worked out that's the junction of Waterloo Street and Hope Street.

Brilliant pic. Does this remind anyone else of Carry on Cabby??

This one isn't neary so gleaming ...

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