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Glasgow underground

I have searched for a similar topic on this but all I can find is stuff in development and in the news topics.

The reason I am asking is I am thinking about doing a wee jaunt on the underground tomorrow and I'm wondering if there are any stations that are distinctint or a bit arty ?

I haven't been on the underground for nearly 30 years so I would be grateful for any help.

I am planning on stopping off at a few but would really like to get some pics inside the stations, (has the ban been lifted ?)

Pics to follow.

The ban was never brought into force John after the weight of public opinion swayed the suppressors of common sense into using some common sense.

I thought I had read that somewhere but couldn't find it.

Even though the ban was never put in place I have still been asked to stop taking photos in Buchanan Street Station before. I have heard from others though who have had no issues whatsoever.

Hillhead has an interesting murial at the stop of the stairs.... Buchanan street has the old subway car in the wall... other than that, they're all pretty bland, even the refurbished ones. The old stairs outside Kelvinbridge might be worth a look with cool graffiti underneath

Hi fastnet, I was warned against using flash while a subway car was approaching the platform
Other than that, cant see any problem

Cheers guys.

Kelvinbridge and Buchanan st were the ones I was planning to get off at anyway.

Some from today.....

All day ticket. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Kelvinbridge. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Arrival. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Botanic mural. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Orangey. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Hillhead station. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Hillhead. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

All aboard. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Hi Fastnet, is that the minimum price for the subway now?

I think it is 90p a trip Norrie.

But by the time we got on and off it was cheaper with the all day ticket.

Hi fastnet, yes I can see why you got an all day ticket, over 60s get a reduced rate

When did a single go from £1.40 to £1.60? It's just too expensive now for single journeys ... I'd rather walk

That's the thing though Stu ... they want us to get on Public transport but imagine a group of 4 people wanting to get from St Enoch to CooCaddens it makes more sense just to take the bloody car or flag a fast black.

Buses are stupidly priced too and the trains are even worse.

Aye, The missue, her neice and I were going into town with the wee one and it worked out cheaper taking the car and paying premium parking than it would have done for underground, bus or train!

Thats the argument i have been having with greenies for ages Stu, they fight back with "Uh yuh but your children travel free if under 4 yeah"

And what about all the stuff needed to support life in a child under bloody four like food and the fact it would get hard to afford it making a few journeys a week on fecking public transport as a family.

£40 quid to go to Glasgow as 3 adults on the choo-choo or 7 quid total return and parking charges of £10 for the day is hardly rocket science.

The folk in orange and grey wrote:

Sensible photography is welcomed on SPTís subway trains and in stations. Passengers can take photographs with small cameras/mobile phones for private purposes provided they adhere to the following guidance:

       Pictures taken cannot be sold or used for commercial purposes.
       No obstruction or inconvenience is caused to staff and/or passengers.
       Photographs cannot be taken of security related equipment such as CCTV cameras.
       Flash photography is not allowed at any time.
       Tripods and ladders are not allowed.

Operational requirements may, at any time, lead to SPT staff requiring passengers to stop taking  photographs.

Prior consent is required for commercial filming and photography and for student filming/photography projects.

Source: SPT website

So basically, don't use a flash or tripod, and don't be a nuisance.

Hi Catnip, well now we know, we can click away Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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