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Glasgow water - survey

Hi, I am a student conducting a study on what people in Glasgow think about water, if you could fill in the survey it would really help me out. The survey focuses on water use and why people use bottled water.

Thank you

Moderator Edit

Link Removed... we don't know you and don't want to take the risk of clicking it..


Do not duplicate posts just because you want it done ... Do not post duplicate posts in Photgraphy when it clearly isn't Photography.
And I would be surprised if the link is followed at all with the amount of spammy clickjacking that has went on of late.

Information is key. Your post is devoid of information except the very basic.

What survey ?

The Link was there ... its been removed not by me i might add  
I did remove the duplicate post though  

Why start a survey to do with the overly obvious?

link removed

I can assure you there was nothing wrong with the link. If you click on it it gives you more information about the survey. I am a student from the University of Glasgow doing my undergraduate dissertation for my Geography degree.

repost link?

Would you allow me to repost the link? I would really appreciate it and it would really help me out.

Link is fine and survey done for you.

done also Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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