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Mahdi West

Glengarnock & Kilbirnie

Former YMCA Building, Glengarnock

Looking south on the former Kilbarchan Loop line, Kilbirnie. A mile from here this line would've joined in to Glasgow-Ayr line

View from below

Salvation Army Hall, Kilbirnie
Mahdi West

Walker Memorial Hall, Kilbirnie

William Walker Memorial, Kilbirnie

Former Radio Cinema, Kilbirnie

The platform remains from Kilbirnie Station. The line is now a cycle track.
Mahdi West

Former Stoneyholm Mill, Kilbirnie

Newton Street, Kilbirnie

Kilbirnie Ladeside's ground

Mahdi West

Caledonian Road, Glengarnock. I'm presuming these have a connection to the steelworks.

Glengarnock Station


Thanks for those,Mahdi,I stayed in Kilbirnie some years back.Glad to see
it's still a dump.    Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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