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Who remembers this shop?
When it was actually open, not its sorry state left to rot.

Remember going here basically every time I went to Glasgow as a boy. I remember they was even a Goldbergs in Cumbernauld!!

a set from flickr.

I do remember it well including the annual visit to the best Santas grotto

Hands down the best Grotto was Lewis's but the best present from Santa was always Goldbergs.

I even had a Style Card from there that took longer to pay off than the clothes lasted :(

I worked in Goldbergs during the summer of 1975, and my claim to fame is that I am one of only two people in the world to have rode a bike on the roof.
We worked(?) in the toy department storeroom and during June and July we took delivery of the Xmas stock of bikes, they had to be taken up from the Goods Inwards bay in the lane behind Granny Blacks to the toy department stockroom on the sixth floor, and after taking God knows how many bikes up, we built up the last two and took them up onto the roof and rode round in the sunshine!!

i remember there was a fish pond with goldfish in it at the entrance,i also remember we had to hide any letters that were sent from goldbergs from my da as my ma would get our clothes on tick.

Does anyone remember that just inside the shop was a big room to the left mothers to leave their big prams in...

Prior to working there, my memories of Goldbergs were from a young age, my Grandmother, my mother and I didn't go to Glasgow, we went to Goldbergs, train in from Coatdyke to High Street, work our way up from the ground floor to the to floor and lunch in the restaurant, then work our way down to the ground floor and home.  No cash in those days, you got a "line" from a local trader.  Also the Jewish Sabbath was strictly recognised and Saturday trading did not happen for a while (until when?)

Holds nothing but happy childhood memories for me. New shoes, trousers, jumpers, football boots and so on. Always remember the thick carpets and walking up each flight of stairs to arrive at an endless number of floors selling allsorts of goods. Also remember right at the far end there was a stairwell that allowed access to half levels, one of which housed the Payments/Finance department. I have a warm glow thinking of the times I was taken there by my mother. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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