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Govan Irish Club Photograph.

From the end of the 19th century to the 1930s (I think), there was an Irish Club in Neptune Street, Govan.  It was through a pend and up a stair on the first floor.  On the lintel of the pend was stencilled or painted:  "THE IRISH CLUB."  I believe this Club may also have been called the "Dunsmuir Club."

I have seen a black-and-white photograph of the pend containing the entrance to this Club, with the title "THE IRISH CLUB" clearly visible.  But I cannot trace this photograph, although I have combed both the Glasgow City Archives and the Glasgow Collection in the Mitchell Library.

Does anyone know the location of this photograph, and/or can tell me any more about this Club?

Many thanks!

First i have heard of this club but will ask a family member who is well up on the history of such things when i see them seannachai.

The Dunsmuir Club for some reason though is ringing alarm bells but why i am not sure ... Think it might have been covered in the govan posts on here ... perhaps not though ...I am confused just a little at the moment by a night nurse overdose  

Oh and Welcome To UrbanGlasgow  

Govan Irish Club Photo.

Thanks, Cybers!

seannachai,the following is from a book called villages of glasgow volume two....the govan irish club held their activities in a building entered through a pend from neptune street which because of its large immigrant population was known as the irish channel.aileen smart was the author.

Govan Irish Club Photo.

Many thanks, Sputnik.

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