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Green light is given for innovation village

Green light is given for innovation village (Evening Times)

A 6.5MILLION technology hub for local entrepreneurs and small businesses is
to be built in the city centre.

Glasgow City Council has given the go-ahead to the proposals for the John
Logie Baird Innovation Village - a five-storey office and IT space at the council's
old Bell Street cleaning depot.

The development, aimed at young firms and new business, will offer hot-desks
for new companies, office space and training facilities.

It is even going to have space and support for people who haven't yet launched
their business and need the tools and support to get their business idea off
the ground.

The village is a joint venture which will be funded by business support body,
the GO Group, the European Regional Development Fund, Glasgow City Council
and the Merchant City Heritage Fund.

James H

Looks like the Merchant City is expanding its borders again
wee minx

"hot-desks"...jeezo...its all too hi tech these days.  Anybody here use hot-desks?

I've not used a hot desk, but the senior partner in one of my clients does the hot desking thing. Theory is that most days of the week he is in Glasgow, the other days he 'hot desks' from an other city.... but the funny thing is that if you try to phone him at this 'hot desk' location, he is just never, never, ever, available there. Honestly, some cynical person might think it's all a scam and a skive for the senior management

Meantime, it's just brilliant if this great old Bell Street building is going to be saved and put to good use - especially if it is something on the innovation and enterprise front.

I was at an event yesterday and heard Steve Inch of the Council's regeneration team speak on the response of the city to the recession. It did seem to me that some realistic, serious thinking across all the sectors (public, private and third) has been going on. The collective will seems to be that yes, things are going really bad, but that we still have to try to make sure that the consequences of this recession are not as horrrible and long term as the recession under Thatcher. Government.
Alex Glass

Hot desks were used in the City Chambers when the building was completed in 1888.

I recently saw a plan of the interior of the building which shows and details that staff had to spend two days out of five working in the corridor as there were not enough desks for everyone in the offices. Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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