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Greenhead Thistle

My dad was always banging on about what a great fitba player he was before the war. I know he got a trial for 3rd Lanark, but then got called-up before he could take it up. During the '30's he played for a side called Greenhead Thistle. Anyone heard of them  - know about them - where they played etc.  ???
Alex Glass

They won the Scottish Juvenile Cup 1926-27

Cheers Alex. That's an eye opener. I always assumed they were just
a Sunday afternoon "kickaboot" team. Any idea where they played?
My dad lived in Aitkenhead Rd, Govanhill before the war. So, must be near there.
Alex Glass

I just Googled it but there wasn't details of where they played but I am sure there will be something on this somewhere on the net.

One wee nugget - a player who started his career with Greenhead Thistle was Charlie Adam (no, not that one), 1919-1996. He moved on to Strathclyde, one of the top junior sides in the 1930s, and played alongside Willie Waddell (Rangers and Scotland) and Archie Baird (Aberdeen and Scotland). Shortly before the war he joined Leicester City, playing on the left wing in the 1949 FA Cup final against Wolves, and stayed on in a coaching role for many years.

Can't find anything about where Greenhead Thistle played, but the name might give a clue - Greenhead St. and the Greenhead Works both faced on to Glasgow Green, while G'head Brewery (Blackfaulds Pl.), G'head Engine Works (Arcadia St.), G'head Weaving Factory (James St.), G'head Sawmills (Mill St.) and G'head UF Church (Tullis St.) were all a stone's throw away. I played for my BB team on the ash pitches of the Green many a time in the 1960s, and I think Juvenile grade matches were played on them too.

Wee reference about Greenhead Thistle can be seen on this link,+George

Yeah, thanks guys. That's about all there is on the net. The Greenhead St. stuff looks good. I know my dad used to hang around Brigton before the war. So that would make sense.

P.S.    Does anyone else get really pissed-off when you type something really Scottish into your search engine like, "Angus McSorley, haggis and bagpipe merchant, Auchenshuggle", and you get 1000 answers, 950 of which are from the U.S.
The first thing we should do when we get independence,  is start our own Scottish search engine. We could call it  "McGonagoogle" !

Cheers............Dave ! Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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